MyStarSound© Video Cables

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MyStarSound builds video cables with the highest quality cable available.  Choose from HD-SDI, HDMI, VGA/SVGA, RGB, S-Video, plus more. Multiple connectors, standard and custom lengths are available to meet your installation requirements. In the event you cant find what you need, click here to download our catalog PDF or contact us today for additional details!


The HD Professional needs HD-SDI video cable specifically manufactured for the broadcast industry and considered to be the very best way to transmit HD Video.  Not only does the HD-SDI cable share information more rapidly than the HDMI interface, it also is assembled to lock into place.  The HD-SDI cable is also less expensive than  HMI cable, because it is manufactured with the standard coax cable ( RG-6).  If your installation is multi-faceted, it is worth pointing out that the HD-SDI cable is able to be used in lengths up to 300 meters before needing any additional transmission help.   For most consumer applications HDMI is perfectly fine, but for the ultimate professional installation, consider the MyStarSound HD-SDI cable made from high definition 75 Ohm RG6 Coax & 75 ohm rated BNC compression connectors, also available with Neutrik rearTWIST HD style BNC. Contact your MyStarSound representative today for additional information or pricing today.


Built to transmit high quality signals to accommodate HDTV, Blu-Ray, and the latest  gaming systems, the HDMI cable a staple for just about any home entertainment system.  MyStarSound’s HDMI products are high quality industry standard and can easily be customized for your specific project.  MyStarSound now stocks 2.0 4K HDMI cables. Lengths longer than 75ft have  built in signal repeaters for pristine transmission of signals.  Contact your MyStarSound representative today for additional information or pricing today.


Computer monitors, data projectors, and other video displays can only reflect the vision provided by it's source.  VGA/SVGA Cable from MyStarSound© provides the ultimate signal to your device. Built with ideally flexible satin black PVC jacket, the MyStarSound hand crafted VGA/SVGA cable transfers analog video signals and connect to 15-pin HD15 S/VGA jacks.  Each cable is made as a fully molded construction with ferrites.  Available in standard and custom lengths, as well as 3.5mm audio.  If you would like more information or pricing for your project, then contact your MyStarSound© representative today. 

RGB Video Cable

Part of the MyStarSound© Pro Series line of products is the RGB (red-green-blue) video cable.  Ultimately, the top choice for video processing, the RGB Cable meets the requirements for HDTV users. If you have a professional installation or home entertainment project that involves high definition monitors or video screens, then choose the best cable for the job. The RGB assemblies built at the Four Star Wire and Cable facilities feature 3 or 5 conductor wire; plenum or PVC cable.  Also, choose from either RCA or BNC connectors for your specific requirement.  MyStarSound© RGB cable assemblies come standard with  individually jacketed conductors and then covered with heat shrink, which makes installations much more organized and, thus much easier. Standard and custom lengths are available, as well as the option of gold ends.  If you would like additional information or pricing, then contact your MyStarSound© representative today. 


Designed for fast installations, the 2EZ cable is just too easy to use! Quickly route the 2EZ cable through walls, conduit, and ceilings using normal installation procedures without worrying about damaging the connector. Quickly plug the make and female XLR connectors together and installation is complete, no soldering is needed.  For plenum environments, 2EZ cables are available with CMP jackets, easily pull your cable through 3/4" conduit that includes sweep 90° bends. The rugged XLR connector provides easy hook up and 360° strain relief, resisting damage during installation.   MyStarSound© 2 EZ cable have various options of resolutions and connectors available. Have a question or need pricing? Contact your MyStarSound© representative today.

S-Video Cable

The world of High Definition Video is ever changing, and if you are part of this community, the reliable Super Cable is of major importance to you.  MyStarSound© offers hand-crafted S-Video cable constructed with 30-gauge dual coaxial cable featuring a 90%spiral shield.  Also, gold contact connectors are standard with these premium quality assemblies.  In contrast to the standard molded economy cable, the MyStarSound© S-Video cable offers high quality performance and greater durability than an off-the-shelf commodity brand. S-Video cables come in both standard and custom lengths. If you would like further information or pricing, then contact your MyStarSound© representative today!

RG-59 Cable

Not every project has the same requirements. For this reason, MyStarSound© offers the RG-59 Video cable with two options. Choose the from two standard variations ; BNC to BNC, or BNC to RCA connectors. Standard lengths range from 3 foot-20 foot.  If you need a custom length, then please contact your MyStarSound© representative for further details or pricing.