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PowerCON Assemblies

PowerCON Assemblies from MyStarSound  are second to none and  constructed with rubber jacketed 12-3c SJOOW, heavy duty 300v power cable, and Neutrik brand PowerCON connectors. The MyStarSound PowerCON cable is designed for hard usage with portable equipment, tools, small motors and power extensions, and therefore the number one choice for users who demand a product that is flexible and durable. Additionally, our PowerCON assemblies come in various lengths and configurations to meet your specific requirements. Contact your MyStarSound representative for additional information and pricing for your custom solution.


Cam Lok Cables

The professional electrical or stage engineer often finds a need for temporary electrical power production and distribution such as large generators or building disconnects to distribution panels. MyStarSound offers a variety of Cam Lok types and sizes for your specific requirements.  Welding, stage and lighting projects,  type  "W"  as well as other use cases where there are more than 50 A required or 3 phase temporary connections are needed.  Sizes range from # 6 to 4/0. Contact your MyStarSound representative today for additional information or pricing specific to your requirements.

Edison Extension Cable Catalog Page "26"
Four Star two-fer with male and female plugs

This MyStarSound two-fer assembly is 36 inches long and includes 12/3 SJTOW Cable, 1 Male, and 2 Female 5-20 20A Edison plugs. The cable's black color allows for easy integration into stage setups while meeting NEC standards. The wire is rated at 20A, 125V, 2-pole 3-wire grounding, and is CSA Weather—and Water-Resistant. It is advisable to use the entire assembly indoors only since the plugs are not resistant to weather or water.

Four Star two-fer with male and female plugs

Extension Cords

Arguably the most used type of electrical cord on earth has to be the AC Extension cord.  Every household usually has at least a couple in various lengths for various different uses.  MyStarSound knows your performance is as dependent on reliable power input, as much as the right amplifier, instrument, and PA. MyStarSound proudly offers the entertainment grade, heavy-duty extension cable for any application or stage you are performing on.  Hand made in our US facility, the MyStarSound extension cord is assembled with 12-gauge, 3-conductor PVC-jacketed cable. Not just durable, these lifesavers are tough enough to withstand heels and wheels alike.  Available in black with standard lengths of 5 to 100 fee.  A 5 year warranty comes standard on each order.  Contact your MyStarSound representative your requirements today for additional details and pricing.