MyStarSound Stereo Cable and Connectivity

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Hand Crafted Speaker Cables with MyStarSound custom wire made to our exact specifications complete with  your choice of Amphenol or  Neutrik SpeakON connectors. Like all Pro Series MyStarSound cable products, our speaker cables come with a life time warranty. Various gauge options are available to suit the power requirements of any system or project. We have listed a few of our standard options for your below:

16 Gauge ~ 1/4" plugs

Part Number - Length

  • FSP16- 5         5ft.
  • FSP16- 10    10ft.
  • FSP16- 25    25ft.
  • FSP16- 50    50ft.
  • FSP16- 75     75ft.
  • FSP16- 100 100ft.

14 Gauge ~ 1/4" plugs

Part Number - Length

  • FSP14- 5           5ft.
  • FSP14- 10       10ft.
  • FSP14- 25       25ft.
  • FSP14- 50       50ft.
  • FSP14- 75        75ft.
  • FSP14- 100    100ft.

12 Gauge ~ Jumbo 1/4" plugs

Part Number - Length

  • FSP12- 5         5ft.
  • FSP12- 10      10ft.
  • FSP12- 25      25ft.
  • FSP12- 50      50ft.
  • FSP12- 75       75ft.
  • FSP12- 100   100ft.


12 gauge heavy duty cables are ideal for bi-amping situations, where one cabinet is connected to two amplifiers. Standard ends are Neutrik Speakon NL4FX to Speakon NL4FX.  Or choose Speakon to dual banana ends (red and black). Standard lengths are available, as well as custom lengthes for your specific needs.  Contact your MyStarSound representative for additional details or pricing.


13-gauge heavy duty cables are for multi-amping situations, where one or more cabinets are connected up to four amplifiers. Standard ends are Neutrik Speakon NL8FC to Speakon NL8FC. Or choose Speakon to banana ends. Standard and custom lengths available, contact your MyStarSound representative for further details or pricing,

Clear Zip Stereo Cable Catalog Page 15


Clear jacketed speaker cable cannot be confused with any other type of cable. MyStarSound Pro series clear zip cable is available in standard 12 gauge, or super-flex 10 gauge.  Choose  jumbo 1/4" ends(standard), banana, or Speakon connectors.  Standard and custom lengths available!  Contact your MyStarSound representative for additional details or pricing.