Bulk Cable: Stereo, Speaker, Microphone,  Snake, Instrument, S-Video, DMX, & FX-Flex

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Bulk Cable

MyStarSound Cable assemblies are built with quality bulk cable and connectors distributed by Four Star Wire and Cable.  Whether you are looking for assemblies or bulk products to build your own snakes, microphone, instrument, stereo, or specialty cables, make your first call to your MyStarSound representative.  

The Four Star Wire and Cable team is a key source for all of your connectivity needs  from wire and cable to panels and brackets   If you can think it, we can build it! Contact us today about about your connectivity needs.

Find Bulk Cable Options  Below:

Instrument/Guitar Cables

Part numbers Gauge Conductors Shielding
F201 INST20awg1-41 /34strSpiral 95%
F2011 INST20awgDual 1026 /34strSpiral 79%

Microphone Cables

Part Numbers Gauge Conductors Shielding
F202 MIC20awg2-2634str Braided 95%
F244 Quad Mic24awg4-4240str Braided 95%
F242 DIGI MIC24awg2C-732str Alum Polyester

Speaker Cable

Part Numbers Gauge Conductor Shielding
F16216awg2-6534str Blk Rubber
F14214awg2-4130str Blk Rubber
F13813awg8-5230str Blk Rubber
F12212awg2-6530str Blk Rubber
F12412awg4-6530str Blk Rubber
F11312awg2-7x2430str Blk Rubber
F11110awg2-7x15040str Blk Rubber

S-Video Cable

Part Numbers Gauge Conductors Shielding
F302S-VID30awf2C-738str 90% TC Sprial

DMX Cable

Part Numbers Gauge Connectors Shielding
F22DMX3P22awg2C-1934str 90% TC Braid
F221PRDMX4P22awg2C-1934str 14-2C 90% TC Braid
F222PRDMX5P22awg4C-1934str 90% TC Braid


Part Numbers Gauge Conductors Shielding
F1214-FXFLEX12awg14C 6530str Blk Rubber
F1219-FXFLEX12awg19C 6530str Blk Rubber

Snake Cable

Part Numbers Gauge Conductor Shielding
F24 4PRSNAKE24awg4PR 732str 100% Foil
F24 8PRSNAKE24awg8PR 732str 100% Foil
F2412PRSNAKE24awg12PR 732str 100% Foil
F2416PRSNAKE24awg16PR 732str 100% Foil
F2420PRSNAKE24awg20PR 732str 100% Foil
F2424PRSNAKE24awg24PR 732str 100% Foil
F2432PRSNAKE24awg32PR 732str 100% Foil
F2440PRSNAKE24awg40PR 732str 100% Foil
F2456PRSNAKE24awg56PR 732str 100% Foil

Stage and Lighting Cable

Part Numbers Gauge Conductors Shielding
F2SC-SL#21C-665/30strBlk Rubber
F2/OSC-SL2/01C-1330/30strBlk Rubber
F4SC-SL#41C-420/30strBlk Rubber
F4/OSC-SL4/01C-2109/30strBlk Rubber

SOOW Power Cable

Part Numbers Gauge Conductors Shielding
F111012awg3C-65/str 600VBlack Rubber
F110514awg4C-26/30str 600VBlk Rubber
F106916awg5C-104/30str 600VBlk Rubber

SJOOW Power Cable

Part Numbers Gauge Conductors Shielding
F113912awg3C-65/30str 600VBlk Rubber
F113714awg4C-41/30str 600VBlk Rubber
F113516awg5C-26/30str 600VBlk Rubber

HD / SDI Cable

Part Numbers Gauge Conductors Shielding
FAVBRG6HDTV18awg1C-BC / 75ohm RGB95% TC Braid/Foilshield

Tacticle CAT5 E Cable

Part Numbers Gauge Conductor Shielding
F4C5-TACT18awg4-24-4 PairsThermoplastic Elastomer

Motor Control

Part Numbers Length

Don't see what you need? Contact your MyStarSound Representative now for a complete run-down of all of our available connectors!