If you can think  it, we can  build it!

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MyStarSound's Professional Services and Capabilities

Looking for a provider who not only provides top notch customer service, but the tools on-site to back it up? MyStarSound offers a variety of services to save you time and money.  We offer complete assemblies from start to finish, manufactured here in the US, plus custom plates, panels, dyeing, striping and much more.  If  building your own assemblies is on your agenda, then MyStarSound provides the tools for this as well.  Contact us today to discuss how we can best meet your requirements within your budget.

Custom Assemblies and Manufacturing

If you've ever been to a concert or plugged in a guitar, without a doubt, you've heard MyStarSound Professional Cable and Connectivity products in action. Four Star Wire and Cable's in-house brand of MyStarSound Pro Audio, Video, Stage & Lighting, cable and connectivity products are used by many of today’s top artists, sound engineers & stage and lighting professionals. If you're  starting your own line of cable assemblies or would like to brand your own for your retail store, back-line or sound company, then the professionals at MyStarSound is the place to start.

Below are just a few of the professional services available to you from Four Star Wire and Cable's MyStarSound cable and connectivity products:

  • In-house twisting machine: We now offer in house twisting that can be done on cables from 10AWG to 28 AWG. Our machine runs at 1500 R.P.M allowing us to twist a 2500 foot spool in 8 minutes.

    If you can think it, we can build it

    Four Star Wire and Cable Twisting Machine

  • Custom Dyeing & Striping: Why not have us make your installations easier. We custom dye or stripe wire to take the guesswork out of installations. This process is done right here in our facility and is done to your specifications and needs.

    If you can think it, we can build it!

  • Custom Laser Etching, Plates & Panels: Our in-house custom laser and cutting service allows us the capabilities to create, custom cut, and imprint metal plates of any type for your installation and mobile projects.
  • Custom Assemblies/Manufacturing: When purchasing MyStarSound brand cable and connectivity products, all assemblies are manufactured in either of our two facilities. This allows our team to create and construct all of your custom audio, video and data assemblies and deliver them to you quickly and correctly.

Sterling Heights, MI and Nashville, TN

  • Custom Cutting and Packaging Options:  MyStarSound fulfill your company’s needs. After all,  unique business requirements deserve a unique business approach. Contact your MyStarSound representative and find out how our in-house cutting and packaging service can help you with attaining your goals.

    If you can think it, we can build it!

 Repair Services

As a result of receiving many repair orders, our CEO felt a need to add professional wire and cable repair as part of the MyStarSound services. Many amazing repair and design projects such as film camera controllers, recording studios, and even airline headsets has resulted from this offering. Often times the cable is the most vulnerable part of your product and in many cases we can fix it. Contact our team today to consult with one of our wire and cable experts.

Design & Deliver

The most challenging part of most jobs is the design - We enjoy collaborating with our customers to design the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve their goals. MyStarSound's team of experts have assisted several recording studios, eateries, churches and schools in achieving the proper audio, video and lighting set up.

We love talking wire - Contact us today to see how we can help on your next project.

Michigan 877-789-1626    Tennessee 877-853-8106  

Email: team@mystarsound.com


To provide a service standard
that is unmatched in the industry
and to continually improve our processes
to maintain our “Customer First” philosophy
with pride and integrity.

“Our accomplishments of yesterday will become
our challenges today. We will strive each day to
maintain our customer’s loyalty and respect.”
- Paul Snyder


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