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Kevin " Tater" McCarthy - Owner of Tater Audio

Judas Priest / Linkin Park

MyStarSound would like to congratulate Kevin "Tater" McCarthy on winning "Monitor Engineer of the Year" Kevin thanks Paul Snyder owner of MyStarSound  in his press release.

"I would like to thank, Linkin Park and Judas Priest, Jim Digby, Pooch, Martin Walker, Paul White, Brian Thorene, Mario and all at Audio Analysts, Michael Gonzales at Schubert, Adamson, Shimo, Ryo, and,Yoshi at Clair Japan, Joseph Lopez and Yamaha, Jerry Harvey, Jeanette Coffey, Gary Boss, Richard Sandrok, Peter and all at Radial, Paul Snyder and all the 4 Star, Apogee Electronics, Patron Tequila, Ben and all at Kalitta Racing, Tour Guide, YQA, and my family."


Kevin "Tater" McCarthey

Fred Coury, Drummer Cinderella


"When I was 15 years old, a record producer told me "The sound comes from the source". I have lived by that motto since! Of course we all use the best instruments possible, but if we're milking them, we depend on the "signal" from that source. That's where MyStarSound comes in. As a producer / mixer in the the studio, I asked MyStarSound to make a couple of patch cables for me "just to try". Within a week, I replaced every cable in my studio with MyStarSound cables and looms! Currently, I am on the road with Cinderella playing in front of 10-20,000 people every night and my "security blanket" is the MyStarSound drum loom. I am confident that I will have the fattest, purest, signal possible every night. Just compare a MyStarSound cable to any other brand out there, there is no comparison! MyStarSound cables and looms are the most solidly built cables that I've ever used!"

  Fred Coury of Cinderella with Ryan Donahue and Paul Snyder from Four Star Wire and Cable/MyStarSound

Joey Allen

Lead Guitar – Warrant

"Having MyStarSound build me a pedal board cable loom, cut my setup from 30 minutes down to 5.  It's such an important part of my rig and it helps deliver the pure signal to my effects loop, as well as,the input stage of my amp. It has quite simply been built the correct way, period!"

Joey Allen and Robert Mason, FreedomFest Mt Clemons, Michigan

Bill Leverty


"I've tried every kind of cable on the planet and I have found that the best cables available in the world come from Four Star Wire & Cable Inc / MyStarSound. What makes these cables so good? It's simple: Very high shielding, so there is no interference.

"Every night, you just wrap it up, and there is no tangling, no spaghetti mess. These cables keep my live and studio rigs running flawlessly and sounding their very best, day after day, night after night."

Craig Bradford RATT Tour Manager


"RATT will be on the road a lot this year, playing all over the world from Sweden to Japan and back. I never have to worry about the cables because we use MyStarSound Cables. I can call them anytime and get the best cables at the best price. We use everything from instrument cables to speaker cables. For quality and dependability I always call MyStarSound."

Jerry Dixon - Down Boys Records


"Recording in the studio for TV & Film requires the best outboard gear possible. Many of us spend thousands of dollars on just that, failing to realize that nothing works to its full potential if connected with a cheap cable. For years we had audible humming and hiss coming from our expensive mics and compressors - we would always say "THERE JUST OLD". Come to find out, it was our cables not the gear. We re-wired the studio with MyStarSound Studio Quad Cables and about fell over when ALL the white noise was GONE and the pristine gear was pure!! Thank You for the excellent advice and service."



Mark Simpson

Music Director\Recording Artist

"Got my first MyStar guitar cables a while back for leading worship at church and they’ve been solid and reliable. The monogram heat shrink is a nice touch… never any question as to which cables are mine when they’re lying around on stage."

The Sound is only as good as it's source- Fred Coury of Cinderella... Make sure you're sourcing MyStarSound from our friends!

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